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Same-Day Crowns

We offer same-day crowns so you can be fitted and have your crown placed in a single visit. You avoid wearing a temporary crown and coming in for multiple visits. Schedule an appointment today with Williams Square Dental for same day dental crowns in Irving, Texas.

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How Same-Day Crowns Work

With recent advances in technology, what once required waiting for a lab to construct a crown, can now be done in our Williams Square Dental office. Your dentist can now create a crown on-site with computer-aided design and manufacturing (abbreviated CAD/CAM).

During the same-day crown process, the dentist uses advanced technology to analyze the effected tooth and then design and build a permanent porcelain crown that's sized and shaped appropriately. The crown milling process occurs on-site and takes only a few minutes instead of the two weeks usually required by an off-site laboratory. Once the mill completes the crown, the dentist then fits and applies the crown directly to the tooth using dental cement. For many patients, the entire visit lasts about an hour and a half.

Same-day crowns may be sometimes referred to as CAD/CAM crowns or CEREC crowns. These names refer to the technology that makes the same-day on-site crown process possible.

Advantages of Same-Day Crowns

There are a variety of benefits to same-day crowns at Williams Square Dental. Because a computer program designs and constructs the crown, greater accuracy is assured. Time-consuming molds, designed by humans and created in an off-site lab, are no longer necessary. The need to wear a temporary crown is eliminated, because the permanent crown is created, crafted and fitted in just one visit, saving you time and stress. Same-day crowns are made entirely from porcelain and contains no metal, this type of crown can be more aesthetically pleasing than other alternatives.

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